Patron Membership


Patron Membership


A Patron membership is a great way to get some nice benefits and to support music in our community via the 'Rose. Membership is the life-blood of our organization. Details below.

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Benefits of Patron Membership:

  • You and your family members will pay only $5 for admission to our Friday open-stage events, a 50% discount off the regular price. 
  • You and your family members will save $10 on Group Music Lessons. 
  • You and your family members will save $5 (generally, sometimes more, rarely less) on special concerts. 
  • Your membership fee is tax-deductible.
  • Bring your membership receipt to the next show, and you'll get a token for a buck to spend on our tasty, homemade kitchen treats for each family member.
  • You'll receive the essential Black Rose Acoustic Society event postcard six times per year. 
  • You can feel good about supporting the arts in our community and helping us to keep a great stage open for musicians to develop and perform.
  • You'll get the discounts for up to 8 non-members accompanying you to our events.

Because you're so generous, we might even send someone over to wash your car. Possibly. Maybe.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS: To keep our prices low to save you money, we don't routinely mail out membership cards. If you'd like one of your very own, you can pick yours up at any show. If you have a special situation, and you'd like a card mailed to you, give us a shout at, and we'll get yours out lickety-split.