Making music with others is one of life’s simplest and truest joys. If you play an acoustic instrument or sing, join us each week for a different flavor of music jam. We offer bluegrass, folk, swing, gospel, fiddle tunes, cowboy campfire, and oldies jams, each led from song books by one of our enthusiastic volunteers. All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. All we ask is a small donation to help cover room rental.

Here’s our schedule of upcoming jams. There, you’ll find all the details along with links to electronic copies of our songbooks. Download those to your your iPad or other tablet for easy-to-follow lyrics and chords. (We usually have a few music stands to share, but do bring your own if you have one.)

We offer a special Facebook page to support our jam community. There, you’ll find reminders of upcoming jam events, photos, and lots more. Link to it here.

You can subscribe here to our email reminders for the jams of your choice . We’ll send you an email the day before any upcoming jam in your preferred genre(s).

Come on out, bring your instrument if you want to play, your voice if you just want to sing, or just come out to enjoy a group of fun folks making music together. If you want to progress on your instrument, but you just can’t bring yourself to practice alone, join in and use our jams as a fun way to progress!

We'd love your feedback on our jams. Send your comments and ideas to:  jams@blackroseacoustic.net