Beginning Guitar Class


Beginning Guitar Class

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Instructor: Adam Gardino

This class meets Saturdays 10:00-11:00 am

We’ll cover the basic building blocks you’ll need to understand your instrument and to begin to make music as quickly as possible. Some of the subjects we’ll cover:
o The parts of a guitar
o How to hold your guitar
o How to tune your guitar
o A few basic chords
o Basic strumming with picks and fingers
o How to read a chord/lyric sheet
o Simple songs
o How to practice

We won’t get much into music theory or particular playing styles. The goal is to get you playing a simple song or two as quickly as possible.

Prerequisites: A decent-quality guitar that won’t impede your progress is important. A pick. A tuner. A capo. We’ll take it from there!

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Adam Gardino has been dazzling audiences since 2005. Sharing the stage with such acts as Grammy winners Doug Smith, Pat Donohue and Al Petteway, he blends a wide mix of music from acoustic blues, to jazz, classical, country and rock. In 2012 he took 1st Place at the International Fingerstyle Competition at the Walnut Valley Festival. Adam is also a phenomenal composer and songwriter, and his solo acoustic compositions and arrangements show intense musical insight and depth. Adam is a warm, patient instructor.