Basics of Jamming


Basics of Jamming

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Instructor: Mike Watry

This class meets Thursdays 5:45-6:45 pm

Making music with others is a real joy, and there’s lots of opportunities to do that in the form of music jams in our area. Are you interested in going to a jam, but you’re unsure of the conventions and etiquette? Have no fear, with just a little understanding you can confidently enjoy a music jam regardless of your musical level or ability. This class is intended for beginner musicians or just musicians unfamiliar with all the ways a jam operates. We’ll cover the basics in a warm and non-judgmental atmosphere, and we'll gradually build the skills to contribute to the music of a jam. To that end, we'll start with understanding what allows us to play music together (hint: rhythm is important!) We’ll cover the subtle and not-so-subtle signals used in a jam and some of the protocol that’s typically used. If we run out of topics, we’ll just be jamming!

Michael "Mike" Watry has been involved with the Black Rose Acoustic Society since about 2006 when Charlie first caught glance of his 1951 Gibson L50 archtop guitar and said "*Where* did *you* get *that* ?".  Those early Black Rose lessons were effective in getting Michael over the hump on playing guitar (to add to early years on the piano and many years in choirs). Since then, he has lived the challenges of learning new instruments (mandolin and now banjo) and new skills (leading jams, taking breaks, singing in harmony). While not professionally trained, he has lived the reality of learning music as a hobby from "can't play" to "hey, that sounds like music".

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Mike Watry is the Black Rose’s all-around "jambassador". Mike’s been evolving, scheduling, and leading the Rose’s jams for a few years now, and it’s never been so successful. An experienced jammer himself, Mike attends many gatherings outside the Black Rose for fun and to pick up new techniques. Mike’s a laid-back, patient guy, and we’re sure you’ll love the way the guides you through the fun and rewarding world of music jams.