Blues Guitar III Class


Blues Guitar III Class

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Instructor: Brendan Hannigan

This class meets Saturdays 6:00-7:00 pm

If you took our blues-guitar I and II classes, or if you have some blues knowledge, here’s a great opportunity to sharpen your skills and to take them to the next level. Our Blues III class is designed to build on intermediate skills to take that exciting next step in our blues journey.

In this course, we’ll thoroughly review the basics of blues rhythm and lead guitar playing. We’ll then expand on that knowledge with some juicy, new chord forms, some classic blues intros, endings, and transitions, and a more ambitious approach to blues soloing. This course will leave you well-equipped to play thousands of classic blues tunes like a pro.

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Brendan Hannigan graduated from UCCS with a B.A. in music, and has worked as a professional musician in a wide variety of venues and capacities since 2005. Among others, he has studied with jazz guitarist Alan Joseph, classical guitarist Dale Miller, jazz saxophonist Ricky Sweum, and David Zuercher. Upon graduation in 2014, he was awarded the Outstanding Music Student award by the UCCS music-department faculty. Brendan is versatile musician. He's a saxophonist, a lead blues/rock guitarist, a classical/jazz guitarist, a jazz and symphony trumpet player, and a solo singer/songwriter. His original music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube. Brendan enjoys helping students of all ages and ability levels take the next step in their musical journey. His teaching style has been described as “laid-back, patient, and kind.”.