Intermediate Mandolin Class


Intermediate Mandolin Class

from 89.00

Instructor: Jory Lane

This class meets Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 pm

This class is geared toward players familiar with the basics of mandolin playing, including open and barred chords, double-picking, and rhythm techniques. Jory taught all that in our fall 2018 beginner’s class.

In this course, you’ll learn intermediate and advanced styles, including tips and tricks for playing leads and solos, and for accompanying other players. We’ll include basic music theory guidelines that will help you in improvisation and songwriting.

In case you are a little rusty, not to worry! Our jam sessions and solo playing exercises will help you review previously learned techniques, while building confidence and learning how to take your place in a band setting. 

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Jory Lane is one of the most dynamic musicians in the Pikes Peak region. Finding his start in bluegrass and local jam sessions at the age of 2, Jory is an acclaimed classical violinist, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. With a fourth-place finish in the National Mandolin Championship of the Walnut Valley Festival, he performs regularly in local ensembles, the Denver Young Artists Orchestra and honor orchestras.