Spring 2017 Class Descriptions

A Crash Course in Singing

Don’t let your body sing for you and settle for whatever comes out of your mouth! Most average to good singers without any training are about 5 basic techniques away from good to excellent singing.  Have fun learning the Basic 5 (and more) to take control of your vocal ‘instrument’ and sing with more freedom, confidence and joy.

Beginning/Intermediate 5-String Banjo

Known popularly as a bluegrass instrument and a mainstay of bluegrass music, the 5-string banjo is a very universal & flexible-fitting instrument for sundry ensembles. This class will cover song performance, basic chord progression, chord forms, inversions, right hand rhythm techniques, basic improvisational short-cuts and the many ways to five string banjo will fit in a form of musical situation. Basic tablature knowledge and beginner song performance is required. 

Beginning/Intermediate Mandolin

This class is made for the person who already knows how to play some songs, but is looking to take their playing level up a notch. We will go over chord progressions, as well as melodies to some of the best traditional mandolin songs. Basic sight reading, and tablature skills are required. 

Finding That Bass Groove

This class is targeted at beginning and intermediate students, and is open to upright bass as well as four and five string electric bass. We will learn how to create interesting baselines in a variety of styles of music including blues, jazz, bluegrass, swing and folk. After playing bass professionally for over 50 years in a variety of styles, I feel certain I can teach anyone to become a better bass player.

Blues Songwriting

In this class we will explore the world of writing a blues song, covering everything from chord progressions to lyrics. The blues is a fantastic style to begin songwriting in, because it has an approachable framework that we will build off of. By the end of this class each student will be able to write blues songs confidently. Come join the fun! 

Alternate Guitar Tunings

Ever wonder why standard tuning is ‘standard’?  Are there other tunings out there?  You bet!  Come to this class to see just how vast the altered tuning world is.  We’ll explore Drop D, Double Drop D, DADGAD, Open G, Open D, Taropatch, ‘Orkney’, and a few others without names.  Bring your guitar, a tuner and extra strings!  (Click on class title for more details.)